Visalia CA.

Great company, Great Water, highly recommend this company! They even setup a Alkaline system for me.

Fresno Resident

Happy we got setup, and got my family and dog clean water. -thanks VP water!!!

Clovis Resident

We have lived in Clovis for many years, my wife and kids skin was getting extremely bad and heard that this was a great solution and it was so I’m extremely happy and so is my wife and kids. Thanks VP

Crouch family

We recently moved from Clovis to Tower District area and already knew we needed to change our water at our new home that is older. Glad I called these guys, my water is awesome, my wife and daughter love the way the water feels in the bath/shower. Best investment, thank you VP.

Kim and Mike of Fresno North East Fresno (Woodward Park)

We noticed our neighbor getting installed and decided to inquire after being tried of our current water situation. Called VP water they came by and setup us up with the system everything went smooth and we love our system and it fixed all the issues with smell, taste and the white spots in our showers. Thanks VP!

Harshpal Brar

There is a great saying “Health is Wealth”, and I strongly believe in it. When Pablo came to my house and tested my tap water, I got shocked. It contained so many impurities and my whole family was drinking that water for so long. I just decided in no time to have water purifier installed. I saw felt the difference in no time. I really thank Pablo & Valley Pure to help my family with the purest form of water.