Did you know you don’t need to live with unsightly water spots? Did you also know that the same minerals causing that ugly spotting could be causing issues with your pipes, water-using appliances, skin and hair?

Softening your water is an easy solution to many problems throughout your home. Did your dishwasher just break? It could be due to hard water. Do you have to use a lot of lotion because your skin is always dry? Hard water could be contributing to that, as well.

Hard water is water that contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium, minerals that it picks up as it travels through the earth. These minerals cause scale to build up inside of pipes and water-using appliances and also on fixtures, reducing water flow and causing damage. When combined with soap, hard water forms a curd instead of a lather, which is difficult to rinse off, causing dry skin and dull hair. The soap curd can also get stuck in between fibers, making laundry washed in hard water look yellowish. These minerals cause water spots on glass, silverware and other surfaces that come into contact with the hard water.

Softening your water reduces the calcium and magnesium in your water, virtually eliminating the problems associated with hard water. You won’t have all that scale build-up, soap scum or water spots. You’ll also be able to use up to 50% less soap since it will lather easily. That means less money spent on shampoo, body wash, face wash, laundry detergent and any other cleaning products you use in your home. Soap will rinse away with ease, leaving your skin and hair silky, soft and smooth.

The only way to soften your water is with a salt-based water softener. Puronics makes a variety of water softeners to fit every home and budget. Contact us for a free quote, or read our other blog posts to learn more about water treatment solutions.

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